Week 19 – Baby has a protective coating

Your baby is now the size of a large tomato, six inches long and about a half pound in weight. Arms and legs are finally in proportion, neurons are now connected between the brain and muscles and cartilage throughout the body is turning to bone. All these upgrades combine to give your baby more control over limb movements. Your baby is getting a protective substance that will keep your baby’s sensitive skin safe from the surrounding amniotic fluid. Without it, your baby would look very wrinkled at birth.

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5 Values Your Children Should Have By Age 5

Most parent believe their children are not old enough to know some things, but the earlier you put some thoughts, ideas and values in your kids, the better for you, your child and the world at large. By the time your kids are age 5, they should have these important values instilled in them, and if your child is already over 5 years of age, it’s still not too late. The reason why most parents have problems with their kids is because they wait until it’s too late before teaching their kids values which will make them into men and women enviable character.

Here are some of the values you should instill in your child;

1. Honesty

Never condone dishonesty, make sure your child tells the truth even from an early stage,  live by example and frown at every little act of dishonesty. When you are honest, they will follow your path. Encourage them to be honest with their friends, and when your kids lie, try to make them say the truth instead of punishing or raising your voice to them.

2. Justice

By age 5 your kids already know what’s right and wrong, but they also need to know what to do when a wrong is done them. And when they do something that is wrong, they should understand that it merits punishment and when they see their mate being bullied at school, they should offer to help. Putting a sense of fairness in your kids will ensure they treat people right.

3. Determination

Young children easily give up after a few trials, simply refraining from praising your child too much will help them become more determined to do more and achieve more. If your child does the things that they should normally do like brushing their teeth, wearing their clothes, these are normal things they should do, so it doesn’t deserve praise. When you only praise your kid when they deserve it, your kids will keep wanting to do things that’ll impress you enough to praise them. Help your children develop determination by encouraging  them to do things that don’t come easily-and to praise them for their initiative.

4. Consideration

Teach your child to be considerate, by making them pity with you in a situation, to do this, empathise with your child and use lessons they can easily understand to teach them. If your child is able to see that words or actions can work to make someone feel better, they’re already learning the value of consideration. Teach them to be kind to others as this will make them feel better.


5. Love

Your child loves you, and your husband but that doesn’t mean they know the value of love. Children love fiercely and affectionately, but if you want your kid to keep displaying and valuing love in years to come, you need to teach them to always work to reciprocate generous acts of love to the people around them.

The best way to teach your kids all these values is to live by example. Kids learn better by looking at what is happening around them, show your little ones love and consideration and they’d do the same.

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