What To Do If You Go Into Labour At Home

Editorial Team

For pregnant women, going into labour when they are alone at home is one thought they never like to have, some usually get someone to come live with them but if it happens that you go into labour when no one is at home what do you do since you can't time your labour?

When you are alone at home and your contraction starts there's a lot you can do to get through it, check these out;

1. Find out how quick baby is coming

To find out how close your baby is to delivery, time your contraction. If your contractions are 2 to 3 minutes apart and your water has broken chances are you will give birth soon. Whatever help is coming should be fast.

2. Call for help 

Call your husband or whoever is close to your house who can get you to the hospital. If your hospital has an ambulance, get a call to them if they can send an ambulance to you but don't rely solely on them. You can call your neighbour's number so he/she can drive you to the hospital

3. Keep your front door open

After calling for help, wait for it. Open the front or back door so that whoever is coming (ambulance/neighbour/family member) can locate you on time and be able to quickly open the door.

4. Breathe 

Breathe and calm down. A lot of women give birth at home every day, chances are help will come before it turns to that. If you think you might have to give birth at home get these things ready;

  • A few clean towels and a basin of water.
  • Lay a cloth on your bed or couch and lie on it.
  • Lay on your left side to keep the pressure off your vena cava.

5. Resist the urge to push 

The urge to push will come, but resist the urge to push by all means because you can deliver too early or damage yourself. Pant (like you do after running) to cover up the pain and if you have to push, make sure there's a soft place for baby to land on when baby comes.

6. When baby comes out 

If your baby comes out before help arrives clean him up by wiping him up and down with a towel, then give them warmth by laying him on your bare chest. Don't cut the umbilical cord, then place the placenta inside a bowl of water. Rub your baby's back to help with their breathing and clear their airways by rubbing your finger along the side of their nose.

Meanwhile, have an emergency number on hand, giving birth to baby at home by yourself is not advised especially if your pregnancy is complication-filled.