Read This Man's Complaints About His Pregnant Wife

Editorial Team

Mamalettes, we came across this question asked by a married man. If you could talk to him, what will you tell him?

'Dear Friends, my wife is pregnant for the third time in three years. I warned her CLEARLY not to put me through the hell she did the first two times. (But I needed a son so I made her pregnant) But she cannot listen. I am ready to be free of her!

Each and every time she's pregnant, A- she makes too many medical bills. She expects to be seen by a doctor EVERY MONTH. Now can you PLEASE tell me... who is seen by a doctor monthly?? She's PREGNANT, does not have CANCER. I explained to her totally that the doctors are expecting to make some good money out of her foolishness but she still insists. She told the doctor and he told me the same, but *of course* the doctor will want to make this extra money!

Another thing is she keeps complaining. She goes on about hurting feet, unable to breath, so tired, nausea, ect. I cannot believe the level as she complaints. She isn't cooking anything these days, using some nausea excuses. I am HUNGRY and tired of eating outside. We are already spending way too much money on the DOCTOR. She keeps complaining to me that please let her mother come help her. I won't pay for that as my own mother offered to come. She won't say yes as she does not like my mother.

See. I am not just basing this on my own thinkings. I am a man and I cannot get pregnant. But even my own mother never had such a trouble in her pregnancy. She never complained and she fixed a wonderful food EVERY DAY. Even she explained my wife that her tiredness is from bad habit of expectation of pampering in pregnancy. My mother explained me everything to me, that my wife is not doing her duty by constantly being sick and complaining. I believe my mother before my wife!

How can I jumpstart this lady??? I am willing to move out and let her handle her life if she cannot change and start cooking and cleaning as wife is purpose to do. Tell me what words I can use to her to move her bad attitude. I don't like to beat a woman but I think this time maybe it might help.'