Strange But Normal Things Your Toddler Does That May Get You Worried

Content Team

If you have a toddler then you are already seeing some funny and not too funny actions that she displays at home.

These actions tend to make parents worried but you don’t have to worry as some of your little Miss/Mr’s action is normal.

Here some strange toddler behaviours that are absolutely normal;

Banging the head

Toddlers have an over stimulated nervous system and in a bid to calm themselves they tend to engage in rhythmic and repetitive motion which is the reason some of these kids bang their heads. If your child does not hurt herself doing this then you can turn the other eye to it. However, if your child prefers to bangs her head against the wall or refuses to eat or play then you need to take her to see a psychologist.

Hands inside the pants

At this stage of life, a toddler is becoming aware of her body parts, would like to explore what it looks, and feels like.  To a child, it is not associated with sexuality. If your child does this in public and even at home, you need to look for ways to distract her from it with toy, games etc.

Tasting everything

It is not funny when you give your toddler her food and she chooses to eat the crumbs that falls from her plate instead of the food on the plate but your toddler would do this. Sometimes they even pick up sand, stone on the floor to put in their mouth. Toddlers are trying to exercise their sense of taste. However, if this act of eating weird things is becoming a constant thing then there is a cause to seek help.

Picking and sucking in phlegm from the nose into the mouth

Your child has a catarrh, she sneezes hard and the phlegm comes flowing out, just before you reach for a tissue paper to clean her nose, she begins to suck it into her mouth, which is gross! Nevertheless, many toddlers do this and it is normal.

Invisible and imaginary friends

Talking to the air may look strange to many adults and parents can get worried that their child is seeing a spirit or an invisible being. However, this is normal as your child tries to exercise her mind and creativity. If this invisible friend is one that creates fear and your child is scared or frightened here you have to seek help.

Playing with their poop

All along your child has been pooping but now a toddler she wants to see what it looks and feels like. This curious toddler can sometimes remove their diaper after pooping and then play with the poop. This is normal but gross. You have to be on the lookout for your child if she tends to do this so you do not have the double job of cleaning a poop mess.

Generally, toddlers do many weird things like running around naked; going on all fours and others as long as these acts do not pose any danger to them, you can relax and not worry too much.