Would You Advise A Woman To Give Birth At Home In Nigeria?

Editorial Team

I've read a lot about home birth in Nigeria and I've always ignored this particular topic, but I recently reasoned that a lot of women still give birth at home through a midwife. Is it safe and would you advise it? The good thing about home birth is that you can adopt different positions as opposed to the conventional ones adopted in hospitals. Also, you get to be birthed at the comfort of a home and you can go for a water birth but is it safe?


My experience with home birth isn't good, I was with my sister-in-law when she gave birth to her first child at a midwife's house, after the baby was born, we went home the second day and on the third day the baby died. At the hospital, we were told that the child was exposed to tetanus virus at the site of birth.

If the midwife had known better she would make sure that everything was made sterile, after learning her lesson the hard way she never went back.


Although there have been positive home birth stories too and a well-planned home delivery by a midwife can be successful if;

  • the midwife is well-trained and experienced
  • The woman who is going through home delivery haven't had any complication during her previous birth and isn't at risk of complications with the present pregnancy. The baby is not breech, no pre-eclampsia palaver.....
  • The woman has registered in a hospital which is not far away from the home where she intends to deliver her baby. The hospital should be one that has an ambulance in case of emergency.


I must say that unplanned home birth can be dangerous. If complications develop and the hospital you registered at is far away from your house, then getting you to the hospital might take a long time. God forbid that there's a mad hold up on the way, the car taking you to the hospital had problems......The point is in a developing (underdeveloped) country like ours, it's really not advisable.


This is because most of this midwives are not qualified enough to conduct home birth if even a minor complication occur they might not know how to handle it.


Some people will argue that village women have home births? Some even deliver the baby by themselves, but this is probably why the rate of death at childbirth is rampant in our country. I know there are some village women who have successfully birthed themselves but these are farmers and strong hearted women, and they probably didn't give a thought to what would happen if complications arise, they'd probably die if they get no one to call on during the time.


Finally, I must say this if you have to have a home birth, get a trained professional to birth your baby, I wouldn't advise it though.

Mamalette! Would you advice home delivery