Top 4 Positions For Easy Delivery

Editorial Team

The popular and frequently used birthing position is the one in which the woman rest on her back, with her knee raised but babies aren't aware that there's a birthing plan, so he might not arrive as planned which means you might need some backup plans as regards birthing positions.

And here are 4 of the best birthing position;

1. Upright Behaviour

Being on your knee to give birth to your baby is not just a cool idea, being upright and moving around helps the contraction to come on strongly and regularly as the gravity helps. Which means you get to watch your baby come out of you live.

2. Horse position

Get on all fours and move around, you can pretend to search for something you lost, it allows your baby belly hang down while you stretch and rock backwards and if you choose to rest face-down on a pillow even better.  Some women have given birth using this position as the gravity help pull your uterus out of the pelvis, thereby reducing the back pain. It's also a good position to turn a posterior-facing baby as this face and shoulder down position will give baby enough space to turn.

3. Water

Water births are becoming popular every day, although rarely used here in Nigeria. It provides great help during birth as it has a calming effect, provides warmth all of which helps in reducing stress levels, pain and aids contraction.

Watch a water birth video and see the ease with which baby is born. Shower birth also does wonders. You can talk with your midwife if you wish you have this experience, that is if your pregnancy was free of complication. It's actually one of the best.

4. Whatever Works!


Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow, when things change and your birth plan flies out the window, you may find yourself labouring and birthing your baby far from what you planned. If baby doesn't come out the way you planned, take heart.

It's true that all these positions may aid delivery but what is most important is you and your baby's health. Never forget that, listen to your instincts and follow your doctor's advice.