These Habits Will Give You A Smart Baby!

Editorial Team

Your lifestyle during pregnancy can affect your baby's brain and can determine how intelligent your baby will be. The food you eat, your interaction with your unborn baby, emotions, lifestyle, diet and even your hobby while pregnant directly determines the level of your baby's intelligence. It's true that genes play a major part in determining a baby's intelligence, but so does the mother's lifestyle during pregnancy.

Give your child a high IQ by engaging in these habits while pregnant;

1. Constant touch

Make a habit of rubbing your tummy from downward upward. The very first sense your child develop in the womb is the sense of touch. By rubbing your tummy you can have physical interaction with your foetus and it also helps you bond with your baby.

2. Listen to good music

Some studies have shown that babies can hear in the womb. So when you are pregnant, listen to good music that you're assured will relax you and your baby too.

3. Surround yourself with positivity

Do not watch gory news, violent shows or movies when pregnant, like I said before now, whatever you hea or see affects your baby. Meditation and watching spiritual shows is the best way to build up a positive environment around your baby and you.

4. Bask in the sun

The sun is a good and natural source of Vitamin D which plays a big role in the growth and development of your baby's bones. This is a beautiful gift to your child even before their birth, every day, take a 20 minutes walk under the sun to get your dose of vitamin D.

5. Make reading as your daily habit

Reading is a good habit you have to form while pregnant, besides the fact that reading books gives you that great feeling, reading aloud to your child is a good way to give them a good start on reading. Also, read at night just before sleeping, read out loud while rubbing your belly.

6. Eat nutritious meal

Eat a balanced diet that'll help your child grow healthy. Fresh and healthy foods are your best bet, and stay away from spicy food, alcohol and cigarette.