Pregnancy Complications Could Lead To Heart Disease In The Future

Editorial Team

According to new reports, women who have high-risk pregnancies or complications in childbirth are up to eight times more likely to have heart disease later in life. The research shows that heart disease is a long-term threat for women who develop diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancy and that mothers whose babies were born too small or too soon are at a higher risk.


Researchers are still trying to figure out why these complications would be linked to later heart problems. Cedars-Sinai recently started following a small group of women who had pregnancy or labor complications.

For the meantime women who have had complications in pregnancy or labor are advised to alert their doctors and have regular screenings for high blood pressure. The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association also recommend that women who have had preeclampsia be evaluated for heart disease risk within a year of giving birth. Some may need medication or a referral to a cardiologist.

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