My Positive C-Section Birth Story

Editorial Team

We weren't trying to conceive, no, we planned to enjoy the married life for 6 months before we start trying. So we were doing the withdrawal method and it seemed to work until we made the silly mistake that cost us this pregnancy.

Adeolu had gone to a travelling tour for 2 months, and when he came back it was a passionate reunion and as you can imagine we never bothered to use protection or our dearly withdrawal method. And afterward, we didn't even think about using drugs, seriously, what married woman uses drugs?


Some weeks after, I started feeling funny, my boobs were sore but I attributed it to the coming of my period, at work I was feeling oddly cold, so I asked for permission to leave for home. At the BRT station as I was waiting for my turn to enter the BRT bus, my head suddenly started spinning and I almost fell if not for the support of the man standing behind me.

I became jolted, cold, sore nipples, and spinning head? That was all I needed to get to the pharmacy where I got me a PT strip. And yes, it was positive! I felt a combination of feelings at the same time shock, happiness, excited and horrified at the same time.

I tried to find the best way to break the news to my husband, what would be his reaction? When he came home, he brought in his sisters who had called him that they are around, I didn't want to break the news in front of his family members, so I waited until we were alone in the kitchen, "are you okay? What did the doctor say" I told him I was going to the hospital in the morning, but one look at my face told him everything "are you....?"

"Yes, yes I am" I responded. We waited until my menstrual day came and went before calling up our parents to break the news to them.

My pregnancy came with little trouble, no morning sickness although strong smells could make me a bit nauseous and I was exhausted a lot of the time.

I wanted a natural vaginal birth badly, I told my husband and even my OB, "no drugs, no c-section, this bub is coming out my vagina and that is the end of it" Although he had to call me to order, "you have to be flexible about birthing, but let's see how things go"

The scan revealed that we were having a baby boy and I was even more excited, although Hubby was hoping for a girl, for what reason, I know not. After I visited a friend of mine who just gave birth through C-section and could barely walk I became even more determined to give birth vaginally.

When at 40 weeks, nothing was happening, my OB said I have to be induced, I wasn't happy about the prospect but I conceded. But when the measurement revealed that baby was 4.5kg big, my OB called, "You're having a C-section baby is too big and will get stuck."

"No" I said vehemently, I waited one more week, hoping that my contraction would start but it was wishful thinking, at the end of the one week, I had to give in. One statement by my OB made me change my mind, "Would you prefer a dead baby born vaginally?"

But we had the weekend before the scheduled C-section will be done on Monday so I ate all the spicy food I could lay my hands on, that same Saturday, my contraction started, it came and went for good 2 days, by Monday I was tired, and all but want the baby out, I wasn't even one percent dilated. So it seems having a C-section was meant to be after all.

The operation went really well and quickly and I was wide awake when Kenneth gave his first cry, he was born 4.3kg and 50cm long, my perfect baby.

And gawd! Can he scream? After he was passed to me for skin to skin, he kept screaming, my hubby reached out and rubbed his back, that was when he opened his eyes and looked at us, we almost swooned, we couldn't believe we had made this beautiful little one, and to think I almost lost him because of my insistence on natural childbirth.

After 6 days in the hospital, I came back home feeling victorious, what's not to be happy for? My baby was born healthy and I was feeling energetic too. I respect women who go for vaginal birth and I'm proud of them but having a C-section is not a failure. There's nothing wrong with having a c-section, as long as it's the choice that allows you to have your baby alive and healthy.