My Mom Knew I Was Pregnant Before I Did

Editorial Team

Thanks to my "noviceness" when I'm pregnant I don't know I am until the symptoms are practically poking me in the nose, that's the only time I'd pause, think about the symptoms and realise with widened eyes that  yes, I have a little person growing in me. With my first child it was funny my brother asked me "Sis do quick and give Fola (my husband) a baby o" to this I replied "We've not started trying o jawe" With raised eyebrow my mother replied "are you sure about that?" She forced me to take a pregnancy test and it was positive.

"How come I didn't know!" I protested "Because you have eyes but they don't see" trust my mom to rub it in my face, anyway she knew way before I got to know that I was pregnant, for my two pregnancies.

You know those people who take just one look at you and know you're pregnant? She's one of them! My sister Derayo's mother-in-law is like that too, you don't need to do a pregnancy test, just let her take one look at you with her squinty eyes and she'll declare you're pregnant. In short she announced the pregnancy of all her grandchildren, no need telling her, she'll be the announcer.

When she was pregnant with her second child, she went to visit her mother-in-law, she greeted her effusively, this greeting was too much and Derayo started suspecting her, as she was washing the clothes given to her, her MIL came out and sat down beside her, grinning mischievously from ear to ear.

"Okay, mama I know you have something on your mind, spill it"  Giving her the "I don't know what you're talking about" look "Nothing, nothing on my mind. When are you going to give me the gist" Now Derayo was lost.

"What are you talking about?"

Now it was her MIL's turn to be indignant "Don't tell me you don't know you're pregnant" "for how long were you hoping to hide it from me" she attacked. But the shock on Derayo's face told her she never knew.

At that moment, Derayo realised she had seen the tell-tale signs but had ignored it, she was happy about the pregnancy but unprepared. It made sense though, since she and her husband were just firing on during their honeymoon without thoughts of how things would change if they scored the goal.

Needless to say, the pregnancy test showed positive, her husband danced around the house like someone who won the jackpot. The next time her MIL took a look at her again and announced "you are pregnant! Look at your pale face" while she was still breastfeeding her first child she shot her a dagger look, if only eyes could kill ......

Anyway, her MIL was right again and this time around, she really wasn't ready for the pregnancy, as her first child was only 6 months old, no one told her before she went on family planning.

So yeah, Derayo's MIL knew she was pregnant even before she knew on both times, and she found it very unnerving. The same with my mom, I wonder how these old women do it, they say they see pregnancy in your heels, how weird is that?