Why Pregnant Women Should Eat Banana During Pregnancy

Editorial Team

Banana is a rich source of calcium, potassium and many other nutrients and yes it's a great fruit to consume during pregnancy. If you're pregnant and you've been told not to eat banana it's a myth and to know why you should eat banana during pregnancy, check out the benefits of eating this deliciously yummy fruit called banana. Meanwhile, I'm not a banana seller o (So you don't go thinking I'm marketing for them!).

And here are the reasons why pregnant women should banana during pregnancy;

1. Rich In Folic Acid

For the development of the foetus' nerves, brain, and spinal cord, folic acid is essential. Deficiency in folic acid can cause the baby to be born disabled. Meanwhile, banana contains folic acid which can easily be absorbed into the body.

2. Reduces Anemia

A regular intake of food rich in iron, and iron rich fruits and vegetables can help overcome anemia issues. Banana is a great source of iron, it helps the body produce haemoglobin thus reducing anaemic symptoms which when untreated may cause complications during pregnancy or at childbirth.

3. Fights Constipation

Pregnant women can have problems with constipation during pregnancy, so to naturally combat constipation, bloating and ensure a smooth bowel movement increase your intake of banana.

4. Good Source Of Calcium, vitamin C and protein

It is common knowledge that these nutrients are essential for the healthy development of foetuses in the womb.

5. Boosts Blood Cell Growth

Banana is a good source of vitamin B6 and vitamin B6 acts as a neurotransmitter. And it also increases the growth of RBCs, i.e., Red Blood Cells in your body.

6. Reduces Nausea

Do you feel like vomiting every morning? But if banana is eaten regularly during the early stages of pregnancy, it can help in reducing the morning sickness.

7. Blood Pressure Stabiliser

Most women experience blood pressure fluctuation during pregnancy, but you can maintain blood pressure naturally through healthy eating. Meanwhile, banana is a great source of potassium which can help in maintaining the blood pressure of expectant mothers. Plus, it will help reduce muscle cramps and leg pains during pregnancy.

8. Energy Booster

Combine banana with a glass of milk and that's a full meal! It gives you instant energy because it contains all the 3 natural sugars; glucose, fructose and sucrose which are energy sources for everyone. Eat banana everyday to get your daily energy requirements.

9.  Stops Hunger Pangs

If you're always hungry, snack on banana. So instead of a bag of unhealthy chips and chocolate choose banana instead.

And finally, eating banana regularly during pregnancy can help you maintain the right level of blood sugar and cholesterol during pregnancy. It is important you maintain a right blood sugar level during pregnancy especially if you have diabetes and regular consumption of banana can help you avoid this problem.