I'm Pregnant But Get An Invitation Before Commenting On My Body

Editorial Team

I didn't know it's possible to feel this way about my body during pregnancy, this is my second pregnancy and by the 6th month of my previous pregnancy my belly was already big and bulging. This second pregnancy is not the same, at 33 weeks my tummy isn't big at all and I'm scared that something might be wrong with my baby, the comments from people aren't helping matters either.


When they ask how long gone are you? and I answer "33 weeks" they'll be like "wow, you're so small" and some don't even comment they just say their prayers and leave leaving me wondering if there's any reason for their silence.
I dropped my child off at his school and after three of my friends there asked me when I'll be due with the same reaction I became worried that something might really be wrong "Maybe my baby is weighing lower than normal" I thought as I drove to the hospital.

My doctor calmed my fears, though, telling me my body is doing a great job of carrying my child and there's no need for worry was like pouring cold water on my hot body, I was really relieved.

Some people see pregnant women and feel they have the right to comment on her size and I wonder why. I had to tell my husband about how people's comments are getting to me and his response gave me strength.

People of the world, that a woman is pregnant doesn't make it okay for you to talk about her weight, rub her belly, or say your "wow" in a cynical way, pregnancy is personal and should be seen as such, please.

Mothers-to-be should instead be treated with compassion through your actions and words. So instead of uttering funny remarks how about saying these;

  1. How do you feel?
  2. What can I help you with?
  3. Pregnancy looks good on you

And unless the pregnant woman is close to you don't say things like;

  • When are you due?
  • Wow. (Maybe but not about her size)
  • Are you having twins? 
  • Your belly looks small — is the baby OK? 
  • Can I touch your belly? (If the mother offers, no problem)

I know your intentions might be honourable when you ask these questions your intention might not be to hurt the pregnant woman but the truth is your word might make her anxious or encourage her.

Mamalette! How did you respond to people's comments when you were pregnant?