I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

Editorial Team

I didn't know I was pregnant until one of my friends mentioned it. We are a clique of five from secondary school and we usually meet up at least once in a month. On one of those days, I didn't eat before heading to the meeting place (Lilian's house) so I finished eating my food and picked Lilian's the extra plate, she eyed me suspiciously.

"You're pregnant" she dropped. I tried to laugh it off but when I saw all four eyes on me I knew they actually believed her.

"You guys can't be serious, I'm not pregnant!" I replied vehemently. It turns out they were right, later that day, I took a home pregnancy test and I discovered I was pregnant much to my own chagrin.


Then I checked myself. How is it possible that I'm pregnant but on second thought I realized that my body had given me enough tell-tale signs but I ignored them.

I just finished using birth control pills and I knew some of my friends who had to wait a year before the effect of the pills wear out which was why I wasn't worried when my menstruation didn't surface.


I had put on some extra weight, I was always hungry and craving foods which I would normally not eat like garri, groundnut and cold pure water which suddenly became my favourite food. All in all, I feel in love with foods and eat even during the midnight.

I got exhausted easily and as a strong woman (my father had a block industry....) I don't breath heavily when doing small jobs unless they really are tiring.  And I became very lazy, I would lay in bed and think about doing something for hours before I force myself to stand up and actually get it done.



The only thing that would have found me out is morning sickness, but I didn't have any of it. I was never nauseated, I never for once fall sick and vomiting wasn't in the picture too. I later found out that not all women experience morning sickeness but did I know?


Had I paid enough attention to these telltale signs except the nausea thing of course I would have known that I am pregnant, I just didn't notice and that's probably because we weren't expecting it at the time it happened.


There I brushed off my friend's comment as "rubbish" it was after doing the test and it proved positive that I knew that the signs were there, staring me in the face but I just didn't want to see it.


Unknown to me, my friends already placed a bet, when I announced to them at the next emergency meeting that I was pregnant, I saw them exchanging money "what's up gals?" "we placed a bet" Lilian said cheekily has she snatched the money from the others' hands. I guess other women who have been there before always know.


Sometimes, good things come without much ado, most women are worried about fertility issues, meanwhile, worrying is a problem on it's own. Why do you think people who don't want babies get them? Because their mind is not on it, wait for it Mamalette!

Were you ever pregnant without knowing? How did you find out?