My Birth Story: Pre-Eclampsia & Premature Birth

Editorial Team

I never had any other problem for the most of my pregnancy besides high blood pressure. I was previously admitted  and at 32 weeks I went for a check up with the blood pressure clinic at my hospital. That was how I went for a random check-up but instead, my baby had to be birthed.

The week before that week, they had to admit me in the hospital for 24 hours because of high blood pressure. I was given medication and told to keep coming to the hospital every week for monitoring.

I couldn't believe that the same thing that happened with my first pregnancy was repeating itself. So that Thursday morning I went to the hospital feeling all swollen and thinking about how to tell them to increase my dose of medication so it will work effectively, not knowing what was waiting for me.

Meanwhile, my husband Kenneth left home early for an important meeting and promised to meet me at the hospital so he could drive me back home. Before it was my turn to be attended to he came and held on to Jason our son as I went in for the examination.

My blood pressure was slightly high but the problem was with my urine which had 5+ of protein in it which was considered high.

I panicked, I went out to meet Kenneth and Jason and he immediately knew something was wrong, my eyes were filled up with unshed tears but I fought back the tears so I wouldn't scare Jason.

I was directed to another unit and there it was discovered that my blood pressure had risen very high in a matter of hours. Yet again I was advised to stay in the hospital so they could monitor my blood pressure as they were confused at the rate it was going up and up.

My husband quickly called my parents so they could take Jason away 'cause it was obvious that the day is going to be long.

After 2 hours of monitoring, they found that my blood pressure was going up and up so they called in the doctor and I was admitted right away.

When they told me they'd give me injections in case they have to urgently deliver the baby I objected "it's not time, my baby can't come now" I pleaded vehemently.

My husband agreed to it though so I was taken to a room in the hospital.

There I was laid on the bed, by the time by blood pressure was 210/100 the doctors gathered around me while some were going in and out. I knew trouble was looming...

After about 2 hours of monitoring, it was obvious that my blood pressure will not go down, I was informed that I had severe pre-eclampsia and I would have to be admitted into the hospital until my baby is born.

"At least, they didn't say anything was wrong with the baby" this thought was my only consolation. When my husband who went to make some calls came back and saw me on the hospital bed with drips and catheter he was taken aback.

When the talk of CS stopped shortly after he came in, I became relieved, maybe everything will go back to normal and I'd be able to go back home, doctors can be very dramatic, though.

My husband stayed through the night, he slept on the chair and went back home in the morning to arrange things. Sometime after he left, I was told that the baby has to be taken out immediately as the blood tests showed that my kidneys and liver were not doing great.

A call was put through to my husband and before I knew it I was wheeled off to the operating room. The C-section procedure was fast too, and it all felt like a dream, the nurses brought out my baby and before I could see him he was taken away. My husband followed them as they took my baby to the incubator.


I felt empty. When do I get to see my baby? When can I hold him? I was taken to the recovery room, covered in blanket and left alone. I'd never felt so lonely in all my life.  No one to ask what was going on and they wouldn't allow me to see my baby.


The hour came when I was finally wheeled to see him, I couldn't touch him, I just looked at him through the glass he was placed in. Seeing his tiny form, there was a lump in my throat as I looked at my tiny adorable baby. My joy was mixed with apprehension, would he live?

We stayed there for 2 weeks 'cause I haven't fully recovered, each time I thought I was fine, my blood pressure would skyrocket again and I'd be put on the drip of magnesium sulfate, IV drugs and a catheter again. I was sore, tired and I just wanted to go home with my baby.

At the end of the 2 weeks when my blood pressure was normal so we were told to go home, go home and leave my baby? I felt like I was abandoning her but I had to leave.

I kept going to the hospital to check on him, when he was finally released, I felt a great surge of relief, now we can go home. It felt like forever before I was finally able to held him but after I did, nothing else mattered, cause he lives!

Mamalette! What was your experience with pre-eclampsia during pregnancy?