Giving Birth After A Traumatic Childbirth

Editorial Team

When I hear women talk how amazing birth is, I wonder if they are for real. After having a traumatic birth experience with my first child, I swore never to allow my husband pour his seed inside me again which is the only  reason I'll ever have to enter the labour room again. Many women experience this phenomenon called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after giving birth.

The thought of going through the pain of pregnancy and childbirth after a traumatic experience is a no no. This makes some women drop the idea of trying for another baby, as I've found out you can go through your next birth with less stress and anxiety.

Here are things you can consider;


1. Talk about your experience

Go over your experience even though you might not want to think or talk about it, try. Find someone to talk to about it, speaking about your birth experience will help you understand what happened to make it so traumatic and why.  Talking about it will give you relief, clarity and increase your chances of having a less stressful birth when you try again.

2. Make a complaint

If your birth was traumatic because of poor maternity care then you can make a formal complaint at the hospital. This may give you a sense of relief knowing that some other women won't have to go through the same thing you went through.

3. Talk to your husband

Your husband might be telling you to move on and let go and you might see that as insensitive of them, unknown to you, they might be carrying the guilt that they didn't protect you or they allowed you go through all that pain. Talking about the experience together will help you both understand and support each other.

4. Choose wisely

Choose your next hospital wisely, they must make you feel empowered and in control and they must respect your opinion. They can provide you all the information needed to make a wise decision but the decision is solely yours to make. Choose a hospital that has staffs that understand this.

5. Understand birth

No two birth is exactly the same, feeling empowered about your birth, learning about everything you need to know about labour and childbirth are some of the things that's help make your delivery itch free. Learn about birth and the natural process to make it easy.

6. Have a birth plan

Have a birth plan, yes, things can change and not follow the plan but in the event that what you intend doesn't happen, the plan can state what you'd like your plan B to be.

7. Have a chat with your doctor

Talk to your doctor or midwife about your previous traumatic birth experience. Let them know why it was so so they'd be able to adequately support you through your next birth.

8. Panic point

During labour, there will come a time when you'd be scared you can't have the baby due to buried past experience, when you hit this point during labour, let your support person say assuring words to you, hearing positive words will give you the strength to go forward.

After giving birth, coping with your birth outcome is equally important, think of how to cope if the birth experience isn't as expected. Make sure your husband, mother or friends know the signs of post traumatic stress disorder so they can support you when they notice the signs.