From A Mamalette: My Breech Birth Story

Editorial Team

When I became pregnant on the 22nd of March, we weren't expecting it, our marriage wasn't even up to 6 months and we were hoping we could postpone having babies until a year after our marriage.

Nevertheless, we were thrilled and immediately my husband heard the news, he treated me to a beautiful designer gown. Then, the bad news came but that wasn't until towards the end of my second trimester.

'Your baby is breech,' I was told during one of the meeting with my doctor. That my baby was breech, not knowing much about what a breech baby is, I did my research, my doctor went further to tell me that before delivery it's possible that baby turns. Hoping to change the baby's position, I went ahead and read every book about making baby turn I could lay my hands on.

By the 32th weeks, I had added more weight over 15kg, my morning sickness became serious, I went in to see my doctor only to be told that my baby was still in the breech position.

And to make matters worse my blood pressure was high. That did it for me, I felt like the whole world was against me, I felt too weak to even move. My husband had to come pick me up.

I was advised to go through a C-section by my doctor, but even before he told me, I knew there's no other safe way to give birth to my baby.

I didn't mention that I didn't allow the doctor tell me the gender of my baby I've always wanted a girl as my first child and my husband a boy. If I had been told and he won I'd have hated him more 'cause truth be told I blamed him for everything that was happening to me.

The swelling of my face and legs, the heavy load, the morning sickness and there are days when I find it hard to move my legs around, sucks! And he'd be walking around just fine, so you can't blame me for hating his guts then.

The D-day for my scheduled C-section came and I woke up feeling sick (I got cold feet), I almost cancelled but for my husband who bundled me into the car for the hospital with my mum while I sucked and ranted all the way.

I got to the hospital hungry (can't eat for the surgery). On my way to the theatre, I  became scared and started crying, all my thought was "they'll cut me up like a goat, what if something goes wrong"

One look at my husband and I decided to be brave, I told myself I'll be fine and I smiled at him, which he later told me was scary as if I was giving him my last smile.

A needle containing anaesthetic was inserted into my spine but the drug made me sick and I became nauseated, suddenly the surgery room became graveyard silent and that was what made me realise that they've started cutting me up 'cause I didn't feel anything. Then my baby was born, and it was a boy! A cute chubby little replica of his dad. Yeah, my husband won yet again. And that was my last thought before I fell asleep.

I woke up to find my husband crying like a baby while holding my baby which weighed 4.3kg at birth, but I was feeling dizzy, shivering madly and I felt hot and uncomfortable.

Apparently, I had lost a lot of blood, by 3pm, my mother brought food, after eating I felt a whole lot better and that was when I was able to hold my baby in my arms, held his soft body to me and I wept, why? I can't say I was that happy, I guess.

My pregnancy experience wasn't bad at all, I took things in stride and enjoyed my pregnancy despite the high blood pressure and my baby being breech. The tears on my husband's face and the smiles on my family member's face said it all! I'm blessed.