My Confession About My Wive's Pregnancy

Editorial Team

Pregnancy is an emotional time, not just for the moms-to-be but also for the expecting fathers too. They are pressed to find ways to make their wives happy and comfortable during pregnancy which means their own concern and fears are kept to themselves so they won't be seen as selfish. Aren't you curious to know what they have to say?

Here are thoughts fathers-to-be have when their wives are pregnant although they never said it out loud but when questioned by a Micheal they talked and these are what they have to say;


"My wife's been terible since she got pregnant, I love her but everytime she's pregnant I can't wait till the pregnancy is OVER."

"My wife's pregnant but I think the baby's not mine. We never had sex some months before she got pregnant"

"I think my wife's pregnancy body is beautiful but she feels horrible and wouldn't let me touch her. It's been 7 months since we last had sex."

"My wife is a freak during pregnancy, she cries when her food has too much salt, when I wouldn't make food for her and at every single mistake. And she beats me when she's angry" Effiong


"If someone tells you having sex with your pregnant wife will be great he's a big liar. When having sex with my pregnant I feel like I'm punishing her."

"I bond with our unborn baby when my wife is asleep, I'll lay my hand on her belly, when baby kicks I feel that incredible bonding, my wife doesn't know though. I have my alone time with my unborn child every night."

"My wife's pregnant and she's bigger than she was before. She waddles around like a big whale. "

"Every day before going to work I feel like I should leave a part of me at home so I kiss her tummy and say "goodbye" to her."

"I'm scared I might not make a good father when my child finally gives birth."

So Mamalettes you have just been let in on some of the things your husband thinks when she's pregnant. About the man that's not sure if he's the owner of his wife's pregnancy, he can easily find out through DNA test but things will never remain the same between them if it's confirmed thatb the baby is his.

What other thoughts does your husband have when you're pregnant?