Doctor Says Frequent Sex Can Lead To Miscarriage

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Having a miscarriage is one of the most traumatic events in a woman's life.

When a miscarriage happens, a woman might sometimes begin to blame herself and she wonders if there is something she may have done that caused the miscarriage.

There are many reasons why a miscarriage may happen. If a miscarriage happens during the first three months, it's usually caused by problems with the unborn baby. About three in every four miscarriages happen during this period.

If a miscarriage happens during the second trimester of pregnancy, it may be the result of an underlying health condition in the mother.

In Nigeria, sex is often thought to be one of the causes of miscarriages. Recently, Dr. Shehu Martins of St. Mary’s Catholic Hospital in Gwagwalada, Federal Capital Territory warned couples against frequent sex during pregnancy.

According to him,

“The cervix is hard structure created to hold the baby, fluid and placenta for nine months.

“A woman’s cervix goes through changes in late pregnancy and in early labour so that it can dilate to allow the baby pass through.

“Normally, it opens in three parts, that is when the woman is menstruating, during labour and having sex, but sex does not expand it,’’ he explained.

“We advise that the couple use condom, because the sperm can cause this reaction to the cervix. Sometimes it acts like a foreign object and can lead to spontaneous miscarriages.

“For such case, we say use protection until after five months of pregnancy.

“So, women should not go into vigorous sex because they hear others saying that the cervix will open fast following the number of sex you have during pregnancy.

“It will only open during spontaneous labour. We only induce the woman when it doesn’t open at the stage of serious labour,’’ Martins added.

While sex during pregnancy may cause miscarriages this may not always be the case. Usually sex does not affect the developing foetus nor increase risk of miscarriage. Unless your doctor tells you its unsafe for reasons such as your a high risk pregnancy, then you can have sex until you are in labour.

Some women fit into the category of having a high risk pregnancy and have been advised to abstain from intercourse.

Do you believe that frequent sex can lead to a miscarriage?