Discussion Couples Should Have Before Having A Baby

Editorial Team

Bringing a child into the world is not a trivial matter and it should be taken seriously. There should be a thorough discussion between couples even before marriage on the plans of starting a family. It is a lifetime decision, so it should be taken with . Being a parent goes beyond words of the mouth, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and sacrifices.

To avoid being caught unawares by an unplanned pregnancy, which is always very stressful for couples who find out they are expecting a child without ever having to discuss the prospects of becoming parents.  Create awesome moment to discuss the following listed below-

Are You On The Same Page

Know if your partner wants what you want. You might be ready for a baby but your partner might not be due to reasons know to him. So it best to know you are both ready to proceed into the parenthood journey. Raising a child can be very tasking, you have to be ready emotionally, physically and psychologically. For some couples, they might have decided before marriage that they want to have a baby after 2 years of marriage. So you should know you partners take on starting a family, be on the same page so as to have the same expectations.


I know a saying that goes " a child brings what he will eat from heaven". That can be partially true in the aspect of breastfeeding that does not require any cost for the first six months but what happens afterwards? What happens to clothes, diaper, crib, postnatal care and every other thing that come with having a child. Money is a very deciding factor when having a baby, make a realistic financial plan that can accommodate the addition of little creature. When you have a baby, you don't stop spending, the bills will be endless, so you both have to have a candid talk about money.

Division Of Labour

In a standard African family setting, it is known for the man to be the breadwinner while the woman is the one that takes care of the child. But this has changed with many homes, we have so many career women out there that their job won't permit them to be stay-at -home moms more  than the period of their maternity leave. So if both parents are  career oriented, it is basic to set out who does what and when. These days, parents employ the help of nannies to help with the care of the baby so that they can both maintain their career.

With the addition of a baby to the family, it brings a significant amount of change. It means more mouth to feed, more laundry, more household chores and more cooking. All of these are what every couple should discuss on who's responsibility is it to do what. They might decide to make it less complex, then hire a maid or have family relatives come to assist.


Religion might be a problem if you share the same vision about religion but in the case of my friend. She is a Christian and the husband is a Muslim. They had agreed on it that she is allowed to go to any church that she wants but the rule is she shouldn't take the kids with her and they were fine with it, the kids should be allowed to choose the religion they are pleased with when they are of age, but till then, it is the husband's religion so as to avoid conflicts in marriage.