Benefits Of Taking Prenatal Vitamins Before And During Pregnancy

Editorial Team

Prenatal vitamins are important for every woman trying to get pregnant or that's pregnant already. Prenatal vitamins are prescribed to ensure the mother and child's health during pregnancy.

The antenatal supplements comes with Vitamin D, C, B-Complex (especially Vitamin B6, B12, B9), Vitamin E and other minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium and copper. Although some women neglect to take this drugs for one reason or the other.

A friend actually stopped using it because she said it made her sick but before quitting on your prenatals here are reasons they are important both before and during pregnancy;

Importance of prenatal supplements

During pregnancy, it's important that you nourish and protect your child in the womb so as to equip your baby with all they need to survive in the world after they are born. Your body's requirements for some nutrients increase due to the high rate at which they are being used up.


For you, these micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are important for the growth and development of your reproductive tissues like breasts, placenta, uterus, your developing baby also need these nutrients so they and their organs can grow.

You might be wondering, why can't I just eat extra foods to meet up with the extra nutrition instead of taking the prenatals? Because;


1. Many women are too busy to concentrate too much on their health and diet. But if they take their supplements in the recommended dosage, they'd be able to have a healthy pregnancy.

2. Some women find it hard to eat much during pregnancy especially during the first and second trimester. While some don't eat meat or animal products, meanwhile animal products such as meat are very rich in Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Zinc and Iron. In this case, the prenatal supplements will help supply the mother all these nutrients.

3. Regular intake of prenatal vitamins is known to prevent pre-mature births, low-birth weight babies and growth restricted babies.

Benefits Before Conception

Immediately you start planning a family, it's advised that you start taking prenatal vitamins so essential nutrients can be adequately supplied in readiness for the baby's conception and development. Here are other benefits of taking prenatals before conception;

  • To increase your chances of conceiving. Some studies suggest that the chances of conception increases when women consume prenatal multivitamin supplements.
  • Vitamin C and E are prenatal supplements that are considered powerful in warding off free radicals and toxins.

Besides, most women don't realise that they are pregnancy until a few weeks into their pregnancy. Meanwhile if you're already taking your prenatals by the time you're pregnant, even if you don't know on time, your baby will still have a good nutritional status and your chances of having a successful pregnancy is increased.


Benefits During Pregnancy

Consuming essential nutrients according to the recommended dosage during pregnancy can help prevent any anomaly both in the growing foetus and the woman. For example, deficiency in vitamin D and calcium can lead to osteoporosis (poorly mineralized bones) that increases the risk of fractures, bone pain, bow-legs and other bone related problems.

But regular intake of Calcium and vitamin D supplements boost bone and teeth health of babies and the body require more of this during pregnancy than food can offer.

If for some reasons a pregnant woman don't take her prenatal vitamins judiciously, this can lead to anemia, weakness, poor immunity, headaches and shortness of breath besides the fact that your baby and you won't be getting the appropriate nutrients your body need.

If you

  • Are pregnant with multiples (twins, triplets....)
  • You've had low birth weight babies, birth defects or miscarriage

your need for antenatal vitamins is increased. Take your supplements judiciously!