How To Avoid Falling Sick While Pregnant

Editorial Team

During pregnancy is when a woman should take the most caution to protect her health and that of her baby. 

While no one wants to fall sick while pregnant, pregnancy itself can predispose an expectant mother to illnesses as the immune system is lowered slightly during pregnancy.

The following are ways to avoid falling sick while pregnant;

Eat healthy

Eat a healthy, balanced diet to keep your body and immune system as healthy as possible. Ensure you consume adequate amounts of protein: meat, fish, cheese, eggs. Proteins and their constituents — amino acids - is the main building material for new cells, including the cells of the immune defense.

Take your vitamins and supplements

While it's possible to get your daily intake of vitamins through a balanced diet, supplements are recommended for a healthy baby and pregnancy. The three most components, are folic acid, iron and calcium. Folic acid helps prevent neural-tube defects; iron is important for the delivery of oxygen to the baby and prevents anaemia in the mom; and calcium helps build your baby's bones and prevents bone loss in the mother.

Practice regular hand washing

Wash your hands frequently during your pregnancy, especially when you are in public and touch lots of potentially contaminated surfaces.

Get lots of sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep each night to avoid running down your body. A pregnancy pillow might help you sleep more comfortably once your stomach begins growing.