7 Things You SHOULD Say To A New Mom

Editorial Team

If you've had your own little one, you'd know how exhausting and overwhelming the experience is. If you have a friend, sister or family member who just gave birth, tread carefully and be careful what you say around her, since something that would normally not be controversial might cause her to break down and cry.

To be sure you and the new mom are still in good relationship by the time she's back up, here are 7 things you should say to her;

1. Do you want me to take your older children out?

Is she has some other children, ask this question. She might say "No' but she's probably just being polite she needs the time alone to rest or bond with her unborn baby. The silence with the absence of her other children will be appreciated.

2. You’re a natural at this 

Even if she's not new at this, she still needs assurance that she can pull this through and successfully too, she might be falling apart inside so she needs your reassurance. Say this even if you don't believe it there's no right or wrong way to parent, so even if she's doing badly she'll still be fine.

3. Ignore unwanted advice

If the mom is new in this business she'll especially get unwanted advice and contradictory advice that might confuse her if care's not taken. It might be a god advice to warn her disregard unwanted advice.

4. I brought food where should I drop it

New moms need this especially if they have no one at hand to help them with the cooking, you can make her food from your home or buy the ingredients and cook it in her house.

5. Your baby is so CUTE

All babies are cute (I think), but that doesn't mean the mom won't be happy to hear you say it to her ears.

6. I know how you feel

She might be feeling inadequate and suddenly swamped with a small human to take care of, talk about the embarrassing moments you had dealing with your baby, teaching small morals(such as baby's safety) in the process.


7. Text me if you want me to come over 

When you finally want to leave, tell her she can call hen she needs you. Don't just assume she'd readily call you because you are close she might not want to intrude. And you don't want to keep going to her house at hours when she might be napping, so instead she can call you up for help.