7 Things To Know Before Going To Hospital

Editorial Team

If you have been scheduled for an induction or C-section or you are in labour, you have your bag packed, your birth plan in hand and you are headed to the hospital, here are a few things you need to know;

1. Make the nurses your best friend 

Get to know these nurses, maybe during your antenatal classes or while waiting to be delivered of your baby. You might not particularly be in a chatty mood, but these are people that'll oversee the progress of your birth so get to know their names, joke with them and you can even bring snacks for them. By being polite and nice, they'll go an extra mile to accommodate you.

2. Everything won't go exactly as planned

Trust me on this, birth is so unpredictable, something will interfere with your perfect plan but whatever happens, let it go, focus on what's important which is delivering a healthy baby

3. Be flexible

If you have a written birth plan or you have it all planned out in your head that's fine as long as you realize that birth plans are not written in stone and you're ready to be flexible. Having a baby is unpredictable like I planned for a vaginal birth but ended up being induced and from induction to c-section. All I wanted was for my baby to be born healthy and I was ready to do anything to ensure that.

4. Don't overpack

If your bag looks like you are traveling for two weeks, then you have to unpack and try again. Pack the things you need for 24 hours, whatever else you need if the situation changes will be brought to the hospital for you by your husband or whoever is with you.

5. Make a list of people who can't visit immediately you're out of the hospital

There might be some people you don't want to see immediately after getting home from the hospital, make a list of such people and give the list to your husband or mother before going to the hospital. Such people can come well after you give birth, this way you won't be recovering from pains and still have to deal with unwanted visitors.

6. Make sure you have a supporter

Someone has to have your back, no matter how strong, independent and outspoken you may be, a time might come when you'd need a supporter, someone to stand up firmly on your behalf. And whoever your supporter is, your mom, friend or husband should know what you want so that when you are tired, in pain, scared or simply unsure they can keep you going with their calm words, massage or whatever. Also, you should share your birth plan with them, so they'd know what you want and can speak up for you when you are too tired to.

Wishing you a safe delivery Mamalette!