What Mums Wish They Knew Before Birth

Editorial Team

Despite the tons of information and advice people throw at new moms they are still left to try out different things and figure out what works best for them. When I had my first child, I was a total novice, I had never changed diapers before and I was uncomfortable carrying newborns because of how fragile they are but somehow I survived, but there are a few things I wished I knew.

Here are some of the things I wished I knew before birth;

I wished I had prepared my mind for C-section, read everything I can on it and have a better knowledge of all it entails but I was so intent on having a vaginal birth that I didn't venture to make any findings, needless to say I ended up having a C-section.

I wish I had asked for help.

I pretended to be strong, with my mom dead and my mother-in-law gone after spending two weeks with us, I really could use some help. But anytime my friends or even mother-in-law call to ask if I needed help, "I'm doing just great, I'll be fine" was my response. I wished I had accepted the help they offered.

I wish I’d spent more time alone with my husband.

My husband was busy doing some extra work so we'd have more savings for after baby is born, and I was also busy training the temp that would replace me after I leave for my maternity leave. I wished we had spent more time together instead so the weeks after baby was born wouldn't be so exhausting for us both.

I also wish I had a journal to write down all the good, bad, and ugly memories of baby and me, the idea came too late, I regret letting some of the memories slip away.

I wish I could have taken more time off of work.

I keep thinking if I had taken some time off, my sweet baby wouldn't have come prematurely if I had stopped my stressful work on time.

I wish I’d taken the time to learn latching

I wish I had learnt everything there was about latching so breastfeeding wouldn't be so hard, also I wished I had worked on preparing my nipple for breastfeeding before giving birth.

I wish you would learn a thing or two from what these moms wish they knew.

Mamalette! What did you wish you knew about before birth?