5 Ways To Involve Children in Pregnancy

Content Team

When you were pregnant for the first time, you felt exhausted and tired, now you are pregant with another and you have a toddler who does not understand clearly how you feel. As a mother, you have to find a way of introducing your kids to the idea of having a sibling even though he may not understand fully especially toddlers.

Here are ways you can involve your older kid(s) in pregnancy;

  1. Look out for opportunities where you will be around babies: Perhaps a friend put to bed earlier than you, take your kids along to go see the new baby. This will help them observe how to care for a baby. Use that time to explain the relationship between the physical baby they see and the one in your womb.
  2. Discuss about the new baby: You can nickname the baby and ask your other child to talk to him while in the womb. Allow him feel the kicks, sing and stroke your belly. Tell him he'll have to share his mum and dad with the new baby.
  3. Read Stories about New Babies: Get kid books that have pictures, explain the pictures and talk about having a sibling.
  4. Talk about how the baby, stages of development and milestones your baby is achieving in the womb. Your older kids will be excited to know that his baby sibling is growing well.
  5. Tell your older kids about how you feel-tired, grouchy. You can say 'baby is taking almost all your energy so she can grow well.
  6. Take your older kids along for hospital visit. There they get to learn more about babies as they see other pregnant women, babies. It would be exciting if they are allowed to listen to the heart beat, ultra sound of their unborn sibling in the womb.

As you engage your older kids during pregnancy, you are helping to create a strong bond when the baby arrives.

Tell us, which other ways did you involve your older kids during pregnancy?