5 Tips For Fast Recovery After A C-Section

Editorial Team

Mothers usually say, the only consolation for going through the pain of childbirth is knowing you’d get to meet your baby. But childbirth is taxing to the body, and if you gave birth through caesarean section (c-section) you’ll need more time and care to recover than you would if you did through vaginal birth.

Here are five suggestions to speed up your recovery;

1. Get Plenty of Rest

After a c-section which is a major surgery, you will have to spend at least three to four days in the hospital after your delivery (longer if there are complications), and if your body needs 6 weeks to heal. Get your relative to come help with the baby so you can get enough rest. And if you can’t get help, sleep when your baby sleeps.

2. Baby Your Body

You need to take extra care of your body so you can heal quickly, avoid going up and down stairs as much as you can. Keep everything you’ll be needing close to you so you don’t have to get up too often. And don’t lift anything heavier than your baby, anytime you want to sneeze, cough or laugh, hold your abdomen to protect the incision site.

Also, avoid strenous exercise but instead take gentle walks and if you feel any negative feelings like sadness, frustration or disappointment, talk to your doctor.

3. Relieve Your Pain

If you’re feeling so much pain and you can’t bear it, talk to your doctor about pain relievers you can take  meanwhile, you can use a heating pad to relieve discomfort at the surgical site.

4. Focus on Good Nutrition

You shouldn’t only eat healthy during pregnancy, you should even after delivery especially

if you’re breastfeeding. Eat a variety of energy giving foods, vegetables and drink lots of water or fruits containing water.

5. Call your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms  

  • redness, swelling, or pus oozing from the incision site
  • pain around the site
  • fever of more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • bad-smelling discharge from the vagina
  • heavy vaginal bleeding
  • redness or swelling in your leg
  • difficulty with breathing
  • chest pain
  • pain in your breasts

Also call your doctor if you feel sad and your mood never seems to lift, especially if you have thoughts of hurting your baby. Meanwhile, don’t make the mistake of comparing your recovery to a friend of yours who also gave birth through c-section.