4 Things I Don't Miss At All About Being Pregnant

Editorial Team

The last time I was pregnant was 3 years ago and the things I don't miss at all about pregnancy outweighs the things I miss. And now that I'm done with childbirth, nothing and no one can coarse me into getting back into that game. I feel blessed to have made and carried babies in me but trust me when I say I don't want to go through it again;

1. Nosy nose

When I'm pregnant, I have this high sense of smell that I could smell what's cooking 10 blocks away from my house and that usually put me in trouble 'cause most of this smells aren't friendly with my tummy, they nauseate me and I end up vomiting every morning until the second trimester. You'd often hear me say to my husband "Urgh! Did you eat fish for lunch again?"

2. Morning sickness

Morning sickness a.k.a nausea for me is round-the-clock morning, afternoon and night I feel nauseated. Just the smell of food something churn my tummy and I'd have no choice than to download the content of my tummy into the toilet. Those 4 months I spent holding the toilet while downloading food into it are the most unpleasant time and I don't miss that about pregnancy.

3. Fear of the unknown

With my three children, from the time I'm pregnant till the moment I give birth, I was always extra careful and fearful. When I see little blood, I panic that I've had a miscarriage, when I'm not eating right or sleeping in the right position I worry if it will affect my baby. And anytime I see disabled children, I pray for them and wish they don't visit my womb. See, everything got me worried so when I deliver safely, I heave a sigh of relief.

4. My Changing Body

I had no problems with how big I've become during pregnancy, what I had problems with was the weak pelvic floor that caused me to pee myself once in a while, my boobs that had green veins, and how black my nipple turned plus the stretch marks all over my bump. I really am glad I got my body back.

Pregnancy is beautiful yes I agree but it comes with it's pros and cons so I admit it's a race in life that you have no choice than to run yourself, (that doesn't mean you'd like to run it over and over again) so when you're finally done, you get a trophy and happily give yourself a break.