Questions To Ask About Your Child's Day At School

Editorial Team

Often times when you pick your children up in school you are dying to know how their day went but when you don't ask the appropriate question the answer they'll provide you won't tell you anything about how their day went. Most times the conversation goes like this;

"How was your day?" Fine

"What did you do today?" "Nothing  much"

This conversation comes to an end without providing you any insight into what your child did in school so you are still left in the dark. The clue to getting the right answers to what your kids did in school is asking the right questions. Here are a few pointers;

  1.  What subject did you enjoy the most today
  2. What was the funniest thing your teacher said today?
  3. What game did you play at break time?
  4. Did you make any new friend today?
  5. Is there anyone you like in your class but haven't had the chance to make friends with?
  6. Did you learn anything interesting today? What is it?
  7. What is the hardest thing to understand from what the teacher said.
  8. If you can change your seat, who would you like to seat beside in class?
  9. Did anything or anyone annoy you in class today?
  10. Did you help anyone in school today?
  11. Which of the school rules do you find unfair.
  12. Did any of your classmates do anything funny today?
  13. Was anyone sick in school today?
  14. Are you proud of anything you did today?
  15. Which lesson did you enjoy the most?
  16. Is there anyone you are afraid of in your class?
  17. Which new words did you learn in school today?

You don't have to ask these questions all at once, just get your child talking. Immediately you ask your child a question it will lead to another and by the time you are done you already have an insight into everything that happened.