Minimise The Risk Of Your Child Being Bitten By A Dog

Editorial Team

Young children are at the risk of being bitten by a dog whether theirs, their friend's or a neighbourhood dog. It's true that dogs are loyal but even the most loyal dog can bite when it's scared or when he feels threatened.

A dog might also bite if it's woken up from it's sleep or when it's food or bone is taken away from him. If you have a child who is used to playing with his own dog at home, he might be inclined to do the same with strange dogs and if you're not around to stop him well....

And here are some of the ways to minimise the risk of your child being bitten by a dog;
1. Tell them never to approach a dog that is eating or chewing a bone.
2. Never step on a sleeping dog or wake it as this might disorient them and bite as a result.
3. Don't let your children playfully chase a dog as it might turn around and wound them or knock them down while running.
4. Children when playing with dogs pull their ears and the hairs on their body not knowing if it hurts the dog which is why parents should teach their children the basic rule which is that they shouldn't touch the dog's face, pick up a dog or pull the tail.
5. If your dog growls at children or is too protective of his food and toys you might want to take a trip to the veterinary.
6. For dogs that belong to their friends, tell them to stroke the dog gently on the chest, shoulder, or under the chin. Never pat it on the head.

With dogs they don't know

6. They should stand still when a strange dog is coming towards them.
7. Neither should they shout, run, or jump.

And for all dogs; 

8. Tell your child to never approach a sleeping, injured, eating or caring for puppy dog.
9. Don't surprise a dog, let a dog see and sniff you before touching it
10. Your dog shouldn't play with a dog without the supervision of an adult.
11. Never yell, beat or kick a dog. Also, never pull a dog's tail or ears.
12. When knocked over by a dog, tell them to roll into a ball and lie still.

Preach safety with dogs all the time to your kids Mamalette! It's safer that way.

Photo via thumbs.dreamstime