How To Imbibe A Culture Of Volunteering In Your Kids

Content Team

The world is full of kids who care less about people around them but about what they want and love to get for their own pleasure.

Parents too have been sucked into the cesspool of gratifying the innumerable demands of their kids that they lose sight of the number of kids out there who would be glad to have 1% of what their kids have. Since children do not choose who bring them into the world, whatever your kids have access to is a product of providence.

One way not to raise indulgent, spoilt and self-absorbed kids is to involve them in activities that make them self-aware of the privileges of life they enjoy and how they can help others live better lives through volunteering. Helping others is one of the ways to help your child build strong morals.

Parents with young children can make volunteering a regular part of their lives, which could involve giving food, clothing to beggars and homeless people, planting trees, hanging out with people with disabilities. Even busy parents can spend time with their kids while contributing to their communities by volunteering as a family.

When you volunteer with your kids, it teaches your kids about tolerance, compassion, empathy, gratitude, and community responsibility. Kids whose parents are involved in volunteering are more likely to continue with it. The dividends of volunteering are enumerable. Your kids learn real-life lessons that a thousand lectures cannot teach. They tend to appreciate what they have because they would realise that many other kids out there do not have it. It also develops in them a keen sense of observation of social problems and the belief in themselves that they can make a change.

How to get involved in volunteering;

  • Look for a problem in your community: It could be something that hits home for you, a problem that touches you and you think you and your family can do something to make a change. For example, you can raise fun for shoeless kids, picking up litters on the road to keep your community clean, collect used textbooks to give to indigent students.
  • Associate or liaise with a Non-Governmental Organisation that does what you are interested in.
  • Explain to your kids about the cause you are volunteering for and make it fun so they could be enthusiastic about it.
  • While you are at it, have fun. Sing music and share folktales and stories.