How To Help Your Daughter Through Puberty

Content Team

Our kids grow so fast that the memories of birthing them seems like a distant memory .

This amazing privilege however is filled with memories of helping them to learn and grow. Soon your little baby girl would begin to experience the changes that come with puberty and adolescence. This is often characterised by mood swings, pimples, growth of hairs in armpit, pubic areas etc.

Many parents leave this important topic to chance and time, which ought not to be. It’s not difficult to notice this changes such as hair growing in different parts of the body, changes in skin condition and sleep pattern as your daughter matures. Either she confides in you or not, your daughter needs a guide and you as parents are in a better position to provide information to educate and prepare her to adjust to these changes

Here are principles to help you successfully prepare your daughter for puberty;

When questions concerning puberty, menstruation and other related issues come up or you need to have the talk with your daughter, you can do the following;

  •  Start with the basics: You cannot have all the talk in one day. Make your discussion less formal and use opportunities around event or happenings around to say things in that direction.
  • Explain the whole process:  If your daughter is already approaching puberty then you can have a session with her where you show a diagram of the reproductive system, explain how it works, and ask her questions as well.  Discussions should touch on menstrual cycle, use of sanitary pads, s.x etc This discussion might be difficult to start but once you do it becomes easy.
  • Prepare for the D-day: Her first period can start at any time, prepare a toiletry pack containing pad, pants, wipes and a plastic bag. Teach her how to use them so she does not panic if her period starts away from home.

Parents who handle this stage of life well in answering and helping their daughters open up the door of uninhibited communication in all areas especially as it affects relationships in the future.