Five Tricks To Be A Super-Mum Without Being Worn-Out

Content Team

Mothers have often being applauded for being super women, multi task commander and fix-it-all engineer of the home yet every super-hero mama has an Archilles feet (down moments).

So how you pull through your mums duty without so much stress?

  1. Share home activities with your partners: It took two to create a child; it should also take two to care for them! This may not be easy for some Nigerian mothers and fathers to understand but the reality is that no mother can singlehandedly take care of her kids without the support of a father, husband and even relatives. You can wisely involve your partner in watching over the kids, get groceries while you take care of things in the kitchen or even go out for a friend's meet up. Your husband may not do things as you would love it to be done but at the end of the day you are well rested and the kids are happy.
  2. Be flexible about when you go to sleep: What happens when you can’t sleep through the bight because your baby kept you awake and you need to go to work. You can catch some sleep in transit. If you are at home, have some sleep when the kids are playing. You do not have to wait until its night before you sleep. However, do not sleep while driving or spoon feeding your baby.
  3. Spick and span cleaning is not necessary: Mums who always want their home to be so neat and tidy would have a difficult time resting or looking good. Kids are notorious for cluttering the house with their toys and playthings. If you are set on picking every toy, rearranging the house then your job is cut out for you. Therefore, maintaining an averagely neat home and not being fastidious about everything pertaining to in house décor will keep you sane.
  4. Be creative: Give the older kids some tasks ( painting, book reading) in their room for a specific time, instruct them not to come to you until that period elapse then spend that time to rest and sleep.
  5. Incorporate healthy living: No mums wants to be haggard because of childcare. In the middle of mums ‘duty you should incorporate some exercise (dancing, jumping with the kids), drink lots of water and snatch a nap to keep you on the beauty and youthful path.

Mamalette in the middle of the challenges of motherhood and parenting, you need to remember that this too shall pass. Before you know it they will be all grown and gone. Then you will sleep as much as you want and even long for the times when your home was full of noise, play.  Your kids would not remember how the home was scattered but they will remember the good times you shared while playing together.