9 New Mum Ideas On How To Spend Some Alone Time

Content Team

Now your bundle of joy is here after a 36 week to 39 weeks waiting period.

You now feel so relieved to finally hold her in your arms, but the joy is slowing fading away because of the new demands of parenting-sleepless night, crying baby, breastfeeding struggles and chores.

This reality stares many new mums in the face. There is no more time for yourself as much as you had when you just got married or even during pregnancy. In spite of this, you can still create some time for you as little as ten minutes can be spent doing something you love and enjoy to calm you down.

Turn on Your Music: Get together a playlist of beautiful songs that make you happy, listen or dance to it. It would energise and enliven you. Short motivational audios or videos can add some spring to your day.

Shop: Yes, you deserve it sis, get some things for yourself. If you want to do it physically then that is great. However, if time is tight, you can order that lingerie, dress from your favorite online store.

Read: Take a few minutes to read, a few pages here a few chapters there of a book, magazines. You learn new things while caring for your bundle of joy.

Meditation: In whatever religion there are words that written to reassure you of God’s love. Find one and meditate on it. You can steal away when your baby sleeps to a quiet place, close your eyes and think quietly on those words while practicing deep breathing. In the course of doing this sleep may come, there is no harm in catching a nap!

Exercise: Did alarm bells go off in your head when you saw the word exercise? Yes, the thought of it may appear scary but exercising is a great way to reduce the baby stress you have been going through lately. Exercising for some minutes during the day would also help you to get back in shape fast.

Make Some Phone Calls: Hearing the voice of your loved ones, playing catch-ups help to take your mind off being a mother to being friends. You can call your best friends and share your experience or catch on old times. This can be relaxing too.

Go to a Spa: If you could get mother-in-law or husband to watch the baby, take some time out to get to a spa to enjoy some massage and other spa treatment that would help loosen the knots and spasms from stressing over your child care.

Have A Treat:  Is there any food you have been longing to eat and you cannot come around to preparing them. There are making food companies that make ready meals from soups to snacks. You can get online find a company that makes it and place your order.

Write: Writing is a powerful tool for self-expression. Make it a habit to write daily of your motherhood experiences. Months and years later, you will have something to read to refresh your memories of your experience as a new mum, who knows you may write a book from it that would benefit other women.