8 Wrong Parenting Behaviours That Can Turn Your Child Into A Spoilt Brat

Content Team

Many parents find it hard to admit that their child is a spoilt brat, but the reality is that by the actions of your child over time will shout it loud.

Sometimes you wonder if your child is just being difficult or perhaps you have not gotten the hang of how to parent your child appropriately.

It can be very uncomfortable when your child throws a tantrum in a public place and all attention is on you. But you need to know that if this action happens frequently and other parents and kids in school and the neighbourhood are complaining and also avoiding your child because of his bad manners, then this means there is something wrong and you have address it immediately to avoid raising a spoilt child.

Here are 8 wrong parenting behaviours to look out for;

  1. Giving in to a wrong demand

For example you are at a birthday party, your child has eaten so many pasteries like doughnut, cake, biscuit, sweet and you feel he has had enough. You stop him because you know too much of it is not good for his health. He still wants more and when he demands for it, you said ‘No’. Then you he begins to wail, scatter and destroy things but because you do not want to call attention, you quickly give in to his request and he keeps quiet.

By giving in to his request, you have taught your son that if he cries enough , he can make you do what he wants even when it is unhealthy and wrong. So your child will continue to do that to you.

  1. Over-protecting them

It comes naturally to every parent to protect and care of their children but many parents do this to a fault. Life is full of difficulties and your child should not be so protected that he does not know or experience it. Providing your entire child needs and wants at all-time create a disillusion that would affect your kids badly when things no longer go on the easy lane.

These kind of parents make all the decisions for their children without listening to them, therefore the child grows up being dependent, incapable of solving problems for himself and even learning from his mistakes.

  1. Not keeping your words

When you tell a child not to do something with the threat of punishment and your child ignores your warning. As a parent you should keep to your words, if you do not go on to do what you said, your child would not take any of your instruction seriously even when you try to put him straight on bigger issues. You will lose that position of respect as your child would look to someone else as his authority figure when it should be you.

  1. Giving them a sense of entitlement

Appreciating and praising your child is good but you have to handle it wisely. When a child does something normal and expected, you do not have to makes it a fanfare of accolade, what you should do is to commend the child normally and move on to some other things. You certainly do not want to raise entitled kids who want to always receive praises and take glory for the littlest thing they do.

  1. Making your child the boss

Do not let your kids order you around, yes, they are precious gifts and little wonders but they are not gods and goddesses that you have to worship hands and legs and swing to their biddings at any time they want it. No, they should not boss you around, you call the shot here remember?  You need to be the Big Authority he looks up to and not his slave.

  1. Allowing them act cruelly

Does your child shout, talk rudely and call you names? He hits you and daddy or other adults and yet you laugh and say he is just a little boy! This child if not cautioned would end up being aggressive towards people. You should make him understand that violence is not a way to express their feeling and in all firmness, you set him straight and ensure that a repeat of such action will earn him discipline.

  1. Blaming others and making excuses for bad behaviour

To many parents their children are angels, who can do no wrong. When their teachers complain in school about them, they blame the teacher. They blame every other person but their child.  You are quick to put up a defence for him. Your child will grow up without the understanding that every action has a consequence.  Before you know it, your child will get into bigger troubles where the consequences may be beyond what you can handle.

  1. Choosing to be friendly than parenting right

It is good to be friendly with your kids but as a parent, you must find a balance between being the parent and also their friend. Your kids should be able to talk to you but at the same time, they should know that you are the authority over their lives who would lay the rules down and ensure they follow through with your demands of their behaviour. Do not sacrifice proper parenting on the altar of trying to be friends with them. If you have to choose between which roles to play, choose to be a parent first.

After the age of four, when a child throws a tantrum frequently, it could be a call for an evaluation of your parenting style. Once the tell tales signs are there, do not pass it off as just another misbehaviour, rather address it fast before it escalates to delinquency. Spoilt kids become spoilt adults who have poor problem-solving skills, emotional immaturity, unhappy and aggressive. So heed that voice in your heart telling you  that your child is possibly a brat, and help him grow into a better person.