7 Things Moms Who Feel They Aren't Good Enough Should Remember

Editorial Team

The truth is moms are too hard on themselves, I know motherhood is hard already so we shouldn't make it even worse. When your child curses someone, bully his mates or do something unethical, we think we have failed.

Every mom thinks they've failed in bringing up their kids in one way or the other but the reason behind this is because we expect too much from ourselves and that's understandable, we moms want's the best for our kid but we shouldn't push it.

I'm not left out either when the house looks like a rat's nest, or I don't give my children a bath or we can't provide for all their needs, I feel I've not adequately done my part by my kids.

It's easy to feel guilty for not being the perfect mom, but you are trying your best. So instead of loathing yourself or feeling guilty how about telling yourself that you have not failed? Because your children will turn out to be amazing for even though you're not a perfect mom, you are a good one.

And here are the things you should know;

1. There's no perfect mom

Moms should stop comparing themselves to their neighbour or friend. We all are doing the best we can and there are days that it will be easy (you probably see her on one of those days) and there are days it won't. This dynamism is what makes motherhood beautiful so don't beat yourself up over nothing.

2. A messy house is a sign of busy, happy life

Trust me if someone visits your house and find it dirty, they'll understand if thy have children. Immediately you have children in a house the hour can't be clean for an hour so embrace this life dear Mamalette instead of trying too hard. Let your children have a day filled with play and laughter even though the end result is a dirty house, the memories are worth it.

3. A hug and a sincere apology is not beneath you

And if you hurt your kid in your actions (maybe you blamed her for something she didn't do)hug them and ask for forgiveness, no one is beyond apologising. In doing so, you are also teaching your children to be humble.

4. The laundry can wait

When your children really need your attention, give it to them. If every time your child wants to talk to you you're always telling them "later'' "not now" If not now then when will it be? When they've gone out of the house? Every other thing like laundry and cleaning can wait when your child truly needs you Mamalette!

5. You love your children

What woman wouldn't love her kids? No matter how to acted to talked to them that doesn't dispute the fact that you love them. Everything you do actually show how much you love your children, so never doubt your love for them. And they love you even though they act and talk otherwise

6. A fresh start

If you've been doing bad by your kids, well it's not too late to start afresh! God makes each day new so we can wipe off our slate and start afresh. If you don't attend the PTA meeting in your child's school, if you don't pay attention to their needs and if you aren't in the habit of hugging your kids, it's not too late to start now.

Mamalette are there times when you feel inadequate enough for your children?