5 Things Every Mum To Boys Should Know

Editorial Team

Nothing prepares us for the ups and downs of parenthood, if you have a boy child or a girl or even both you learn new things every day. For me, growing up as an only child made having 3 boys overwhelming, every little act of theirs was too much trouble for me, and there were days I felt like crying and times when I fall off the chair from laughing too hard.

From opening the head of their penis and playing with it to their adorable love for protecting me, a few things came as surprises about having a boy child;

1. There will be pee everywhere

If you have a boy child or boys, be prepared for pee! On the floor, carpet, all over the toilet seat, on the bed, even on the chair. For them peeing is so much easy and fun too cause the get to play with the movement as it's coming out. Although it gets better as they grow up. Mums of boys are advised to invest in dettols, wet wipes and other things so your house doesn't smell like a latrine.

2. Dressing up matters

I thought only girls have to be dressed up but no, even your boys will want to look cool. Matching shoes and shirt and their school shoes and socks have to be trendy. When we are going out, it's always war! They want to wear their best cloth even if you're going down the street, they take dressing seriously than I thought.

3. You may take a trip to the emergency room

If this happens don't blame yourself for it. Boys love danger, they climb things and jump from the highest thing they can find. And no matter how much you kid-proof your house they might still jump down and break a bone or get cut by something.

4. Their fascination with their penis starts early

Boys play with their penis, they open the hole and stick their fingers into it, touch it from time to time even from birth. As long as he doesn't bring it out in public, don't worry about it. It's normal. The only problem is, he doesn't hold it in the toilet which is where he needs to so he can pee into the toilet and not his pant.

5. Batman lives forever!

Boys love cartoon heroes like superman, batman and so they are obsessed with being superheroes themselves. Which is why you'll find them often trying to proof how powerful they are with their tiny "muscles" And yes they will be overprotective.

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