3 Ways to Help Your Kids Develop An Interest In Writing

Content Team

Many parents are pressurised to meet up with certain educational trends that may not necessarily be the demands of the moment or the criteria for future success.

These parents push and pressure their kids to be like the ‘Joneses’. They are always quick to say ‘Can’t you see Nkechi; she can write A-Z while you are still struggling to with it’. Meanwhile, the child may just be taking a bit of time to get to that point.

As a parent, you should know that children have their own pace as long as they are within the required age to achieve a milestone, your child will get there. When you look back at the stories of children who walked faster than others, you will come to the realization that others that seem to have been behind had met up and you cannot distinguish between who walked first or last! So growth is not necessarily a product of who did it first but of getting there within the required time.

With that all being said, here are three ways to develop the love for writing in your child with no pressure;

1. Make Reading an Interesting Activity
Reading has a direct impact on writing, when you make reading interesting for your kids and they begin to enjoy it, the desire to write their thought down would come. You do not have to push, pull pressure your child to sit down and read for hours.

2. Get Dirty
Having kids and a picture perfect home is almost unthinkable. Yes, you have to let the kids play and this involves allowing them to express their creativity with crayons, water paints on the walls, in the kitchen.

3. Make Homework a  Fun Time
In many homes, homework time is a dreadful time. Parents have to ease up on their children and the whole homework demands. Do not nag about homework make it a fun time. It could be interesting and a good time to bond with your kids. When your child comes home from school and shows you all she did, you can make it interesting by role-playing. He is the teacher and you are the student, so you have to listen attentively in order to understand the lesson of the day.

With these methods out of so many others, your child will develop an interest in writing which you have to continue to nurture until he becomes so good at it.