8 Signs Your Child Is A Bully

Editorial Team

No parent wants her child to be a bully, children who are bullies are often in trouble, which is why the habit of bullying must be controlled from an early age before it's too late. Bullies are often angry children who vent their anger, frustration, and hatred on others.

Here are signs you should watch out for to know you are raising a bully;

1. Regularly throwing tantrums

It's only normal for children to throw tantrums, but when your child never listen unless they get their way as time goes on, they'll become more forceful and unrelenting until their demands are met. Never giving in to tantrums is a good way to ensure your child know force is never the answer. 

2. Laughing at others

Children who are bullies find it funny when they see people humiliated when your child is laughing at other kids or people's tragedy or dilemma. Let them understand that having pity on other human is the commandment of God and not laughing at their misery.

3. Vengeful Nature

This is not good! Children with revengeful or angry nature  always want to avenge the hurt done them by repaying evil with evil. If such children are not corrected early they might develop  a revengeful nature that can hurt them and others around them.

4. Complaints from School

If your child's teachers are always complaining about your child because he/she always gets into trouble, take it seriously and look into the matter.

5. Destructive nature

Children who love to destroy things as a way of showing their anger, or ones who never listen to their parents and derive pleasure from doing wrong can grow up to be a bully if this act is not corrected.

6. Causing injury

Whether to humans or animals, children who fight and push their mates, who never cooperates are often labeled as trouble makers. Make it known to your child that it's a grave sin to physically hurt a human being or even animals.

7. Bossing people around

Bullies love getting their way whether through crook or nook and when they don't succeed they get angry and threaten to spoil things. Making it known to your child that in life, you can't always have what you want will help them gracefully accept defeat when they lose.

8. Beating younger kids 

Bullies are always fighting and bossing around younger ones knowing full well they have more power than they do. If your child often hit children that are younger than them, stop this kind of behaviour now.

Bullying might not seem like a big deal to you but it really is. Bullies end up being isolated because they won't have any real friends, they also keep getting in trouble.  If your child shows more than two of these characteristics, correct them so they can be happy children who love themselves and others and who are loved as well.