What Nigerian Women Want for Val's Day

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Post by Mamalette.com.

Apart from a mansion in Lekki or Asokoro and the latest Range Rover Sport or RAV, what Nigerian women really want for Valentine's day is for their men to show that they care.

It's not that complicated. For the average Nigerian woman, it really is the thought that counts that you put some thought into what you get for her.

If you know your Mamalette likes perfumes, then get her favorite perfume, if its lingerie, but her sexy underwear in her favorite colours, if its chocolate, buy her the best chocolate you can afford.

Some women loved public displays of affection, so if you have a Mamalette like this, send her flowers at work and so she can display them prominently for all her coworkers to see.

If you have a Mamalette that already has everything, then a weekend stay in the nice hotel, a spa and massage treatment or a trip to somewhere exotic will be cherished.

Some Mamalettes just want to have a nice meal and spend some quality time with their spouses. Surprise her with dinner reservations at a romantic restaurant and she will sing your praises on her Facebook or BBM update.

You'll make your sweetheart feel special by picking gifts that connect with her personal passions rather than falling back on the same old same old presents, which, in effect, is telling her you didn't care enough to put any thought into it.

More than expensive gifts, Nigerian women want their men to show them that they truly cherish them. By doing a little homework and paying attention to the things their loved one really cares about, men can make Mamalettes feel adored.

Tell Us! What do Nigerian women really want for Valentines's day?