Do You Prefer A Valentines Day Gift Or A Well Planned Romantic Gesture?

Editorial Team

I have been married for 16 years now and my husband is a medical doctor, he used to be very romantic and caring when we started out, but nowadays I feel a bit dejected and forgotten.

The normal I love you and romantic words that were present in the beginning has now faded away like one's shadow fades off when night approaches.

Those romantic gestures really made me feel happy, proud, confident, and alive as a woman.

Especially on this issue of valentine, every valentine my husband buys me one gift or the other, from diamond and gold pieces of jewelry to designer bags, shoes, phones etc.

But not once has he taken out time to take me out and give me a real sweet treat, or even asked me what my dream valentines day is.

My dream valentines day is a candlelit dinner prepared by my husband with sweet soft romantic music playing in the background. I may be a Nigerian but I would really love this and I yearn to share such a precious moment with my special one taking care of me.

Not feeling loved and appreciated has really taken its toll on our marriage as I no longer feel loved, and feel my husband is not thoughtful or romantic anymore.

Am moved to ask Mamalettes if this is normal or am being too demanding? Do you prefer a valentines day gift over a well planned romantic gesture?