Feel The Love! 24 Baby Names In Honour Of Valentine!

Editorial Team

We've put together 24 lovely baby names in honour of valentine. Choosing a name for your baby is a big deal, as you'll have to use it for many years to come, you wouldn't want to give a name that you'll cringe every time you hear it, or when they call the short form (like Solo for Solomon) you'll want to puke at the sound of it.

So even though choosing a name for your baby is not the most important decision you'll make in your baby's life, it is also important. Therefore if your baby is due for February, here are some cute and nice soundly love names;

1.  Aiko – Meaning "little loved one"


2. Adora – Meaning "to adore or worship"


3. Amor –Meaning "love"


4. Brisa – Meaning "beloved"


5. Carys – meaning "love"


6. Desiree – meaning "desire"

7. Esmé – meaning "love"


8. Ifunaya - meaning "love"


9. Ifedapo - meaning "love"


10. Gerwyn – meaning "fair love"


11. Imogen – meaning "beloved child"


12. Mabel – meaning "lovable"



1.  Dante – meaning "everlasting"


2. Darryl – meaning "beloved"


3. David – meaning "beloved"


4. Connelly – meaning "love and friendship"


5. Davis – meaning "beloved"


6. Erasmus – meaning "beloved, desired"


8. Kayleon – meaning "loveable"


9. Luben – meaning "love"


10. Lev – meaning "heart"


11. Femi – meaning "love me"


11. Lennan – meaning "sweetheart"


12. Thaddeus – meaning "heart"