How To Involve Your Kids In The Kitchen

Content Team

Preparing a meal with little kids hanging around can be fun if you know how to go about it.

You see that picky eater of yours who would not touch the vegetables and would pick out the onions in your food can change if you involve him in the kitchen.

Research has shown that kids who take part in preparing their meals are more interested in eating what they helped to prepare. Here are ways to involve your kids in the kitchen.

Listen to them: Parents should be liberal about meals prepared in the home. Ask for the children’s suggestions on the vegetables, carbs or fruits they would want for the family consumption. This would gladden their hearts if their suggestions infused in the family meals. Such a child would be eager to try it.

Let them help:  involvement of your kids in cooking should be age appropriate. Do not let your toddlers handle sharp objects like knives. Chores like washing vegetables in water are okay for toddlers. Older children can help in slicing vegetables and other activities in the kitchen.

Let them clean up: cleaning up is a significant part of cooking. Have your children clean up when you are together in the kitchen. Washing plates, cups and spoon will make them not to be wasteful in its usage and its contents(food).

The more they are involved the more they would come to appreciate all you do for them.