Unique Christmas Gifts You Can Buy For Your Kids

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Buying Christmas gifts for kids is the norm in most homes, if one of your Christmas tradition is to give your children gifts, you are probably scratching your head and wondering what you'll give them as Christmas gift this year. The Christmas tradition in my house is we buy and decorate the Christmas tree, put the children's gifts under the Christmas tree then the next morning we'll watch as the children excitedly unwrap their gifts and say a big "Thank you!" with the biggest smile ever.

You can buy your child a gift;

1. Based on your child's talent and interest

If your child is older, observe what his interest are, does he love sports? Singing and dancing? If he's a lover of football, buy him a soccer boot and ball as Christmas gift, if he loves to sing and dance you can buy him musical instruments (piano, drum, flute, guitar and what have you) to help nurture his love for music and if he's a loves to read, buy him story books. A gift that supports your child's passion will lighten up their face as well as help nurture their talents.

2. Based on your child's wishes

If at the beginning of the year your child has been wishing for a bicycle you can make this Christmas extra sweet for your child by buying him a bicycle as Christmas gift. If you live in an estate and your child has no friends you can buy her dolls and doll house so she can talk to her dolls and play in the doll house.

You can also buy your child;

3. Toys 

Young children love toys and they aren't so expensive, whatever toy you buy make sure it's something your child will like and has probably been craving so you won't get grumbling from them instead of a bright smile and a "thank you". Stuffed animals like teddy bear, cars, helicopters, dolls will do.

4. Books 

Whether your child loves to read or not, this is a good chance to develop their love for books, buy your child age-appropriate books that is both thrilling, educative and fun. For children in the nursery and primary level singing books are perfect, for older children books about adventure, love, fantasy etc are the deal. Read the book first and be sure it's age-appropriate before giving it to your child as Christmas gift.

5. Phones and ipads

Has your 3 year old child been disturbing your phone lately and want his own phone? They sell toy phones and ipads, buy him one as Christmas gift and let him knock himself out pressing it. Remember to package it well.

6. Clothes and accessories

This is what most Nigerian parents buy their kids as Christmas gift, clothes, shoes, watch, goggle are a must, if you don't buy Christmas cloth for a child such will cry his heart out and let everyone know he's wearing last year's cloth. Yes, you can show them their Christmas cloth already but you can wrap their shoe, bag or whatever else as gift for them. But with or without wrapper, new clothes during Christmas is seen as Christmas cloth and gift by kids.

Encourage your children to give gifts too, your girl can knit something and give it to her dad while the boy can make cards or drawings for you. Ways to reduce Christmas shopping stress
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