See The Deadly Effect Of Bleaching Creams

Editorial Team

Everyone says black is beautiful, but how many people really believe this? Women want so bad to become light-skinned that they'd stop at nothing to become "yellow pawpaw" even if it's a blemished yellow, to them, yellow na yellow. And not only women are found in this act, even men are involved.

Some will read this and be offended but we wouldn't see this and let it go so we don't offend people, you can choose to learn a thing or two from this instead of being upset.

Over 50% of the Nigerian population are bleaching, and unknown to many, most of these bleaching creams are made from deadly agents like hydroquinone and mercury prolong use of which has been associated with poisoning, convulsions, asthma, leukaemia, liver damage, anaphylactic shock and infertility.


I was on my way to the market one hot afternoon, as I was walking under the scalding sun, I felt I was going to shrink if I spend more than 10 minutes walking under that sun, I lifted up my head and I saw that woman. She was cooking and getting burnt in the hot sun, her face was pink, the back of her neck was red and she was very uncomfortable.

I immediately pitied her, if I could be feeling so much heat, how much more her? Whose outer protective layer has been stripped off and it occurred to me that many people are like her, the difference is some are worse than others.

burnt brunch

When you bleach you might like the outcome at first, but then green your veins on your body will become visible, you'd look white and then when Nigeria sun beat down on you, you'll become what you see above. Also, any slight accident to your skin will look worse than it really should and your legs may swell up like this;



The question then is, why mix different products that probably don't interact well together just so you could be light-skinned? Black skin rapidly produces new cells which allow us to keep looking younger for longer but when this outer skin is damaged, it produces an excess of melanin in the area.


These bleaching cream doesn't actually make you light-skinned like that, it just makes you black and yellow, then you begin to turn grey later. If you need a conviction, this is it;

bleaching can lead to skin cancer (yeyeolade)

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has received a directive from the European Commission, banning the use of hydroquinone as a skin lightener. The draft of the directive clearly states that

"Harmful secondary effects have been shown to arise following prolonged use of hydroquinone as a skin-lightening cream. This particular use of hydroquinone must not therefore be authorised." Does this tell you anything?

The question is why do people bleach? Maybe, if we understand why, we can be able to find a lasting solution.