Why You And Your Kids Should Go Swimming Together

Content Team

School breaks and holidays are a good time for kids to acquire out-of-school skills such as swimming.

Yes, swimming is not just a sport or an extra-curricular activity for your kids to while away time. Swimming helps to boost the immunity, strength of your kids.

Children above three years of age can start learning and even pregnant women, adults and elderly people can also enjoy swimming. It is a good form of exercise for the whole body. It helps to increase the distribution of the white blood cells in the body which influences the increase of the body’s immunity against infections.

Here is a list of the health benefit your kids will enjoy if they learn how to swim

  1. Swimming helps the body to be flexible. The body can move using different motions. It is more demanding than running and cycling.
  2. It is a good lung and cardiovascular workout. The lungs are able to use oxygen by increasing the heart rate which gradually slows down to help the blood pressure.
  3. Swimming helps to reduce obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases while releasing the growth hormone in children.
  4. Swimming helps to promote proper coordination of the body parts thereby affecting proper body posture.
  5. Swimming helps the kids feel refreshed and happy.
  6. Swimming is a better option of exercise for asthmatic kids compared to jumping, running, cycling etc.

With all the aforementioned benefits, it is necessary for precautions to be taken to prevent accidents and mishap.

  • For chlorinated pools with chemicals, it can cause breathing problems, itchy skin, and dried hair. Therefore, it is important to take a shower after swimming.
  • Put on a cap to protect your hair while swimming.
  • Kids should avoid swallowing pool water, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems.
  • Avoid swimming temporarily if your child has a severe cough and cold, which can infect others.

Parents should encourage their kids to swim with proper precautions and regular monitoring to ensure safety.