Why Recovery After Delivery Is Necessary

Content Team

After delivery, you need rest and loads of rest!

If you had a big wound on your hand that is eight and a half inches long, how would you care for yourself?

I’m almost sure you would say, “I’ll rest a lot, do less work” or “My husband or someone else will do the chores/work while I supervise what is being done”

Do you know that when you give birth, it leaves a placenta-sized wound in your womb, which is about eight and a half inches? Wow, that is big! This wound is in addition to the wounds that come with having a vaginal or Caesarean section delivery.

Many people underestimate the reality of childbirth and its impact on a female’s body. Many women are quick to jump on the grind after giving birth to their precious ones without putting into consideration the magnitude of what their body has gone through during the period of pregnancy and delivery.

After delivery, you need rest and loads of rest! You need time to recover and bond with your baby and this is possible if family and friends understand and provide support.  New mothers should know when to ask for help.

You do not have to do all by yourself, ask your partner, friends, and relatives to help with the plates, watch over your other kid(s) so you do not overwork yourself.