Simple Ways Of Preventing Cancers At Home

Content Team

The human body is made up of millions of tiny cell that have different functions. There are chemicals inside the cells that instruct it to grow or stop growing. As the cell grows it divides and new cell replace old cell.

Cancer grows when the cells do not get the right message, which makes them grow abnormally or multiply beyond what the body needs at a time.

Cancer does not have a clear cut cause so any one can come down with cancer but there are factors that make certain people more likely to get it than others.

Factors that Predispose You to cancer
• Smoking which can lead to lung cancer.
• Spending a lot of time under the sun can lead to skin cancer.
• Carcinogens: these are substance capable of causing cancer such as chemicals, asbestos fibres etc.
• Too much intake of alcohol can lead to some types of cancer.
• Having an history of cancer in the family
• People who do not have a strong immune system

You can prevent cancer to the best of your ability by doing the following;

Avoid smoking: Smoking is tied to making diseases and cancer e.g. cancer of the throat, lungs, pancreas, bladder, kidney, cervix and larynx. Smoking does not just affect the smoker, it affect the inhaler( the people who inhale it around knowingly or unknowingly). Your decision to stop smoking is one of the best health decisions you can make in order to live a long life.

Eat healthy foods: Say NO to junks (cakes, pies,) processed food item( meat, fish and other canned foods), sodas and soft drinks. Regularly take a large helping of vegetables, fruits and nuts to boost your kids’ ability to fight against the onset of childhood cancer.

Be Active: There are loads of activities that you and your family can engage in to keep fit. Involve your kids in walking, running, cycling and even swimming. Make it a daily routine for your kids to have a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise.

Reduce exposure to sun: Going to places under the sun sometimes is unavoidable but you can minimise it to the barest minimum by wearing protective clothing.  Then avoid the midday sun by staying under shades during hot days.

Boost your immunity: As you strive to protect your kids from childhood cancers, you can also immunise them from viral infections by ensuring they take the hepatitis B , Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine make sure you protect them from viral infections as well. So get immunisation shots from Hepatitis as well as Human papillomavirus (HPV).