My Experience With A Wicked Nurse

Editorial Team

In the U.S people are attended to in hospitals like kings and are given treatment with ultimate care but here in Nigeria, some of these nurses do their job with an alarming nonchalant attitude and if things continue like this in Nigeria I fear that more people might continue to die. Take me for example, the general hospital (I won't disclose the name) where I gave birth to my child was a bad idea.

It took almost an hour before they found my record and I sat down writhing in pain with no one to attend to me.

When my husband went to make enquiries, he came back to tell me he was told that all the theatres are occupied by other women. I kept writhing and  moving around in pain before they finally came to attend to me.

While I was in the labour room, the pain, oh the pain was intense, there was no one to comfort me (my husband was in the waiting room) I started praying "eh God don't let me die here o" and do you know what the heartless nurse said?

"Oh! Shut up. Why u no kuku ma do C-section if you know you can't handle the pain?" She lacked sympathy, she was rough and I couldn't deal with her and the pain of labour, her lack of empathy made the ordeal even more hard for me to bear.

While I was pushing, I became tired and I told her I can't push anymore, "you better help yourself, look at this one,(she whipped out a blue baby from nowhere and showed it to me) his mother couldn't push and he died before he was born.

The stupid thing she did motivated me to push but even after the birth, I was traumatised. The image of the blue-black dead baby was the only thing I saw when I look at my baby.

I couldn't even bring myself to hold him for long 'cause coincidentally I also had a boy child. I had a little tear because my baby weighed 4.5kg at birth and as she was stitching me off, she was in a hurry so she did a bad job and when the doctor saw what she did he had to stitch me up again so I suffered the horrible pain twice.

I swore not to ever go to the hospital again and had a hard time recovering from the trauma I experienced, if I hadn't told anyone about this experience I wouldn't have been able to overcome it.

So many women have died at childbirth through the negligence of nurses who are supposed to be compassionate and agents of support but who rather bark and scare women. I even read about a man who died because the nurses failed to monitor his sugar level and he slipped into coma.

How long will we continue to look on as things go on like this? These nurses know their job but they lack some characters which is important in their field like empathy, care, support and commitment.

Let me end on this note: not all nurses are bad.

What can be done to salvage this matter? Mamalette share your experience in the hands of wicked nurses!