How To Keep Your Child From Sickness In This Rainy Season

Content Team

Rainy season comes with pleasant childhood memories of playing in the rain with no cares in the world.

As parents who were once kids, we certainly want our kids to have these beautiful memories too. Children are carefree, playful and excited about the season, yet it comes with the attendant challenge of your kids falling sick.

In this season, germs and bacteria tend to breed fast and your child can easily come down with flu and cold.

Here are a few guides to keeping your child free from illness this rainy season.

Promote handwashing: This is one of the bases of hygiene. Washing the hands with soap several times during the day will go a long way to prevent germs from being transferred from hand to eyes, nose, and mouth.

Teach them how to cough and sneeze properly: When kids cough and sneeze into their hands it is easy to transfer it to others. Rather, they should cough and sneeze into a tissue paper and dispose of it. If there is no tissue paper insight they can cough or sneeze into the crook of their elbow which is safer than doing it on the hands.

Keep the dirt out: Germs are brought into the house when your kids bring their dirty shoes and slippers into the house.  Most of the germs that get inside your house come from the dirt and grime that cling to your kid’s shoes or slippers. You can get two types of shoes for them, one for indoors and the other for outdoors. So shoes meant for outdoor use would be left outside while the one indoors is to be used inside the house only.

Keep your toilet areas clean: Use toilet cleaner that does not only clean but kills germs in your toilet. Cleaning the toilet, bathroom and sinks should be done regularly.

Clean their toys: Because children play with their toys often rubbing it on the floor and other surfaces that may not be clean, it is important to disinfect these toys in order to avoid spreading germs and diseases.

Ensure they take part physical activities: when your child is physically active, he is in a good shape to fight diseases. Researchers have found that exercise helps to activate the immune cells to respond to attacks from harmful germs.

Ensure they get adequate sleep: Sleeping provides the body with the opportunity to naturally heal itself and also recharge it way back to good health. Children are expected to sleep well as it impacts their ability to fight illnesses.

With the following hygiene tips, the chances of your child coming down with illness will be minimized to the barest minimum.