Things Husbands Should Do For Their Wives During Pregnancy And Childbirth

Content Team

Like it or not men especially husbands are very important for the overall wellbeing of the family.

This undeniable fact and reality should be encouraged and embraced instead of carrying on with the high opinion that women can do it alone. The love of a mother for her child needs to go hand in hand with the protective presence of a caring father.

A study was conducted in Iran and the opinion of fathers, mothers and professionals and policymakers were documented as regards the role of husbands during pregnancy and after childbirth and the findings are similar to what you may desire from your spouse.

Here are some of the things women want their husbands to do during pregnancy and childbirth;

  1. Many of the women wanted their husbands to be present when they gave birth. Being there to hold their hands, whisper words of comfort and support through the pain of bringing a new life to the world.
  2. Husbands are expected to physically care for their wives during pregnancy. This involves being mindful of what she eats, cleaning her up when she throws up at odd times, helping to carry heavy things, doing chores and difficult tasks that she cannot do because of pregnancy and childbirth
  3. Husbands should support the health of the mother and baby by avoiding actions that would endanger their health. Actions such as smoking and drinking do no good. It has a negative impact on the pregnant woman and the unborn child.
  4. Husbands should support the mother’s nutrition during pregnancy. Asking about what she has eaten during the day is important because you may be surprised that she may not have taken any food in. They can also buy these nutritious food/ fruit for her. Feed her playfully if she is reluctant to eat them.
  5. Pregnancy time is not a time to stay from your family if you can avoid it. A husbands' physical presence is reassuring. It gives their wives peace of mind.
  6. Planning and providing financially is an important role of the husband. As you expect your baby, save up to meet the increasing needs.
  7. Husbands should accompany their wives to ante- and postnatal clinics. Going to the clinic with her helps husbands learn about the state of their wife and baby. It also prepares them emotionally to learn about childcare.
  8.  Husbands should empathize with their wives in difficult times like sleepless nights, breastfeeding issues showing her appreciation and giving her attention before and after delivery. Husbands should be observant and should cheer their wives to prevent her from slipping into postnatal depression.
  9. Husbands should actively participate in the direct care of the baby, which involves carrying, and tending to the baby especially if the mother is not strong enough to attend to the baby all the time.
  10. Husbands should support breastfeeding. Research has proven that women who have spousal support on breastfeeding go on to breastfeed their babies well enough.